Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW)

Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW)

Hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Why is a week dedicated to waste reduction?

In Quebec, 13 million tonnes of waste are produced each year or a truck of 25 tonnes per minute. Half of our residual materials end up in landfills, while we can reduce our waste production at the source and reuse our scrap as a resource.

Let’s not forget: 93% of our residual materials can be recovered through recycling and composting*. The power is in our hands: let’s reduce!

*93% for the municipal sector, 91% for the ICI sector and 95% for the CRD sector.

Source: Balance sheet of residual materials management in Quebec, Recyc-Quebec, 2008.

To reduce is to act!

For more than 10 years, the Quebec Waste Reduction Week (QWRW) has enabled all Quebecers to adopt the 3R approach (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling/Composting) and particularly the actions of reducing and reusing to manage our waste-resources in an ecological, economic, local and democratic manner.

The QWRW sheds light on the initiatives of the various players in society through its challenges. To find out the week’s schedule and the nature of the challenges being issued to multiple stakeholders, including educational institutions, visit the QWRW website.